orange county private workshop….SOLD OUT!

***SOLD OUT******

I am so excited to invite you to join me for a weekend of sweet, soulful & intuitive painting! It will be two full days of permission to play….watch child-like discovery unfold, and open the door to a wonderful new journey into creative juicy-ness!

Letting go and allowing yourself to express yourself freely among other like-minded creative souls is the basis of the Soulful Painting Workshop. You will be checking your inhibitions and fears at the door, because once you cross over that threshold….the fun and possibilities begin! Your inner muse will be given her visual voice…and you will amaze yourself as you uncover hidden insights & interpretations within your paintings!

The beautiful outcome of this workshop and this style of painting, is that it’s your vision…your story, that wells up from your soul, and manifests itself through many layers onto your canvas! It’s truly a beautiful creative exploration and process.

details such as location & supply list will be sent to you privately upon registration.

can’t wait to meet you!

xx annie

go here to register! since this is a private workshop, please don’t purchase unless you are in their group! if you are wanting to add yourself to the wait list…please contact me at and i’ll will add you to the list! thank you!


upcoming workshops

I’m happy to announce a few 2017  2-day workshops plus a week long retreat, that are coming up here in the next few months!

Galveston, TX February 25th & 26th here

Charlotte, North Carolina March 31st-April 2nd at Donna Downey

Kansas City, (Historic Weston) April 29th & 30th here

private workshop … May 20-21 LA/Orange County (there may be a waitlist if interested!)

Private workshop … June 3rd & 4th Monroe, Louisiana FULL

If you’d like to host a workshop in your town, send me a message @….I’d be happy to send you the information!