orange county private workshop….SOLD OUT!

***SOLD OUT******

I am so excited to invite you to join me for a weekend of sweet, soulful & intuitive painting! It will be two full days of permission to play….watch child-like discovery unfold, and open the door to a wonderful new journey into creative juicy-ness!

Letting go and allowing yourself to express yourself freely among other like-minded creative souls is the basis of the Soulful Painting Workshop. You will be checking your inhibitions and fears at the door, because once you cross over that threshold….the fun and possibilities begin! Your inner muse will be given her visual voice…and you will amaze yourself as you uncover hidden insights & interpretations within your paintings!

The beautiful outcome of this workshop and this style of painting, is that it’s your vision…your story, that wells up from your soul, and manifests itself through many layers onto your canvas! It’s truly a beautiful creative exploration and process.

details such as location & supply list will be sent to you privately upon registration.

can’t wait to meet you!

xx annie

go here to register! since this is a private workshop, please don’t purchase unless you are in their group! if you are wanting to add yourself to the wait list…please contact me at and i’ll will add you to the list! thank you!


upcoming workshops

I’m happy to announce a few 2017  2-day workshops plus a week long retreat, that are coming up here in the next few months!

Galveston, TX February 25th & 26th here

Charlotte, North Carolina March 31st-April 2nd at Donna Downey

Kansas City, (Historic Weston) April 29th & 30th here

private workshop … May 20-21 LA/Orange County (there may be a waitlist if interested!)

Private workshop … June 3rd & 4th Monroe, Louisiana FULL

If you’d like to host a workshop in your town, send me a message @….I’d be happy to send you the information!


The Big Show …. and beyond!

in the meadow

i was so honored to have ‘in the meadow’ chosen for ‘The Big Show’ @ Lawndale Art Center in Houston, Texas! the opening was fabulous!  it’s been a whirlwind of excitement around here!

big show image



the above photo was taken for the artists and volunteer reception! i couldn’t have asked or dreamed of a more perfect place for my painting to hang for this show! thrilled! ok….enough about me! the show is a wonderful mix of art from the houston and surrounding areas!

i will be participating in the slideshow presentation on July 30/31 at the center! please join me….my spot is on the 30th!…..everyone welcome!

another wonderful happening as of this month, is that i am now in Peck Art Gallery on Galveston Island, Texas! it is a vibrant, and eclectic ‘good vibe’ gallery! again…i am thrilled to be represented here! please come on down to the island and visit! let them know i sent you!

i have also had a couple of wonderful ‘soulful’ painting workshops this summer! the biggest joy for me is meeting the creative attendees and witnessing the amazing intuitive and completely free paintings that emerge! i’ll be posting more photos in the workshop segment of my website!

cheers to all!



a sweet little blog stroll….

it’s been a spring to remember here on ‘my’ island! cooler than i have ever remembered, with rainy, foggy mornings, and sunrises and sunsets that have stopped me in my tracks! while others have complained, i have welcomed with open arms the coolness, for i know what is right around the corner here along the texas gulf coast! humid & hot days ahead!


what a sweet surprise to be invited to join in on the fun of this ‘old fashioned’ blog tour by suzanne! (over at sperlygirl) suzanne is a soulful writer, photographer, and artist, and the mother of two little ‘pirates’….as she so lovingly refers to them. adorable!

so…here goes!

what am i working on?

at present, i’ve been working on this website. a longtime coming, it was way overdue for me to get it up and running so i could further share my artwork. i have also been painting my little heart out, and working on teaching my ‘soulful’ painting workshops locally, and via ‘hosted’ workshops….here, there…& everywhere! (plug…if interested, message me and/or go to my workshop tab on this site!….i am so ready to travel and teach!)

how does my work differ from others of its genre?

my paintings have been healing, calming, and an expression straight from my soul. i believe what i find most rewarding and different when i teach is that i’m not teaching someone to paint like me, i’m teaching and facilitating them to reach within themselves to find their own ‘soulful’ style…unique only to them!

why do I write/create what I do?

i do what i do, because i simply can’t not do it! it’s like breathing to me….it’s such a part of my being that to not write, photograph, or paint would be a huge loss for me. it calms me and gets me to my center like nothing else i’ve ever experienced! i do it, too for a release…something inside needs to be said and shared. i think it’s our nature to create on all levels, in all areas of our lives….from the simplest of daily tasks to painting a mural, to doing homework with our children. it all counts. it’s all creative. it makes the mundane, marvelous.

how does my writing/creating process work?

well, for starters….i allow myself the time. i have to let some things go in order to find the time…but, it’s worth it. i used to think i couldn’t go into my studio until this, this, and this was done. not anymore! once the time is carved out, if it’s painting, then i unwind. meaning, i let go of the outside world by meditating, music, dancing, and sometimes just sitting with my current work until something within me starts to percolate. the beginning of any creative endeavor is my favorite time. there are no expectations, no stepping back and adjusting, or thinking….just wild, free-flowing fun! i’m a no rules kinda girl…and this is an area in my life that i can get away with this kind of thinking and being! once i get to a point of making decisions with a piece, i let my intuition rule. i trust. i try to let my work be a metaphor for my life, knowing it’s all about finding what is pleasing, soothing, and beautiful. i go in and out of my work. there was a time that i’d paint all night, and be able to make up for lost sleep during the day. (all kids grown at this time) now that i am the blessed guardian and protector of my little laynee, who is 6 years old, my schedule is much different! kindergarten is a lot more work than i remember the first time around! i still wake up some mornings around 4, and find a source of inspiration and quiet that feels like a sweet gift in the wee hours before dawn. last, but, not least…i love the process of knowing that it’s in the addition and subtracting from my work that i find a good balance. sometimes i strike it rich on the first go…but, mostly it’s a very humbling experience to find that editing can be a delicate sweet spot in my work…just like life itself!


i’m so happy to introduce y’all to my best friend, and one of the most creative writers, and photographers i’ve ever known, barbara shallue!

“Barbara Shallue is a writer, photographer, blogger, and Austin Realtor, who ignores people who say she shouldn’t pursue all of her passions, or who advise her to find a “niche”. She prefers learning and growing and exploring, refusing to be defined by any genre or style or neighborhood. Find her at Long Hollow, Confessions of a Photography Addict, Barbara Shallue Photography, and Barbara Shallue – Austin.”

i’ve known lexy since she was a little girl! her mom and i are close, dear friends!!!! i’m equally as thrilled to introduce y’all to my longtime, and dear friend Lexy Hinson! Lexy is so inspiring! you have to check her out!

Lexy is a passionate health and fitness powerhouse! She transformed herself one step at  a time, and was featured in ‘Health Magazine’  inspiring thousands!  She is fascinated by transformation stories! She shed 50lbs through exercise (an avid runner!) and tracking what she ate! Lexy has dedicated herself in the pursuit of helping others transform their lives through health and fitness! 

Lexy lives just south of Houston, TX with her husband and two amazing sons!

you can find lexy at her fitness blog … here!  try this is the link isn’t working     twitter …. here!  pinterest … here!

my fitness pal … here! instagram…here! and on facebook !!!





thank you….thank you!!!!

thanks to everyone for all the wonderful ‘cheers’ and congrats! it means so much to me to have y’all stop by and take a look at my new ‘baby!’ there are still several things i’d like to offer…and i will! it’s a work in progress!

if you feel so ‘moved’….please share with your friends! i’m also putting it out there into the big, and beautiful universe for the right galleries to see and show my work….so, if you have any that you think would be a good fit, please, i’m all ears!

late-bloomer-weblate bloomer….sold during my grand opening day! it’s truly one of my favorites! the name, the way she presented herself…was all such a joy to paint! thank you, lorrie!!!

again, many thanks!!!




well, if you made it this far….

i’m thrilled!!!

today is my ‘Grand Opening!’  this ‘home’ for my work is finally a reality! i have painted my little heart out for a good two and a half years now…never imaging that i’d be able to share it with you, and you, and you!!! i have truly found my life’s passion! i paint from a place of complete calm, intuition, and joy! it has been such a gift!

this little site is sweet & simple, and just what i wished for.

i don’t really have anything deep to say about my ‘process’, my ‘statement’, or my ‘bio’…but, what i do want you to know is that i’m a passionate painter and artist, a lover of color, (who knew?) and i’m totally free and in the moment when i’m painting. i truly feel like i’m on a wild and beautiful journey!

i will be adding more of my paintings, giclee prints, along with my photography, (another passion of mine!) and tweaking the site here & there as needed.

this blog will be a down to earth, no frills place to catch up and see what’s going on here! also, if you’re on facebook, click here to visit and follow my ‘soulful painting’ page.

thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and check out my work. if you like what you see, please come back, and feel free to share my site with your friends.



ps…please note in my workshop category….i teach locally, (south of Houston, Texas on Galveston Island) and welcome teaching in your area. (outside of United States, as well!)  if interested, please send me a message here, and i’d be happy to send you the details of what being a workshop ‘host’ (ess) entails!












maui bound…

the past few months have been a wonderful whirlwind! i have loved painting in my newest series ‘in the garden’….five soulful paintings emerged, (so far!) and i am beyond grateful.

in the garden 3

zapp 5

these two out of the five have found homes in private residences on Maui, and a couple of more are Maui bound as i write this. i’m working with an amazingly talented interior designer there, and i absolutely love her work…so i feel completely honored that she shows my paintings to her clients!

it was a long winter here along the gulf coast of texas! not anything like what some experienced up north, but, for me…well, let’s just say i’m not a winter person! i’m thrilled to see everything in bloom…or close to it! our newly transplanted crepe myrtles made the shocking move…(some friends of ours are re-landscaping, and the crepes were not in the new design!!! lucky us!) the leaves are now budding out! they survived!

this is the perfect kind of weather for me to be painting outside! one of my favorite spots is on one of our front porches…top or ground floor! the wonderful ocean breeze is enchanting, as is the sound of the waves. speaking of…here’s a photo of my painting partner, and creative muse, laynee (the light of our lives!) painting with me last year on the porch! i’m sure there isn’t anything better than painting with a little one! they are so uninhibited by anything or anyone! totally free! it’s contagious! we have quite the little gallery going on for her as well…i’ll share in an upcoming post! if she is so inclined, when we have visitors…and she wants to give them one of her paintings…she does! it’s quite endearing! studio partner

i’m happy you’ve found me here, and i’m glad to have a place where i can share with you about my art, and my sweet and simple life here on the island!