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hey…i’m annie! thank you for your interest in my ‘soulful’ paintings! i dubbed my work as ‘soulful’, as that best describes my work…a token from my soul! i take an intuitive, engaging, and free-flowing approach when i paint. it’s liberating for me, and i cannot for the life of me imagine painting any other way! inspiration bubbles up from my love of nature…especially the ocean and my love of wildflowers, but, with that being said, sometimes an all out abstract presents itself in the most inspiring way…i go with it! i love every second i can spend in my studio, and am grateful for this expression in my life!

thanks again for stopping by! i look forward to ‘meeting’ you! send me a message if you have a question about my work, or about ‘hosting’ a ‘soulful’ painting workshop in your area!